I’m a design­er based in Cam­bridge, UK. 

I recent­ly wrote a book on graph­ic design: it’s 20,000 words across 96 pages and it’s com­plete­ly free to down­load and read. 

It’s meant for entre­pre­neurs and free­lancers, but there’s a lot of stuff that self-taught design­ers will appre­ci­ate. I tried to con­dense some of the unwrit­ten rules and scat­ter­shot knowl­edge that often only become appar­ent with expe­ri­ence, so I hope it’s helpful.

I’m cur­rent­ly look­ing to get back into design full-time, but in the mean­time I am avail­able for free­lance projects. I focus on logos, edi­to­r­i­al design, web design and illus­tra­tion. Here’s some of my recent work:

I’m also expe­ri­enced at pen­cil work, if you need art­works and whatnot:

You can write me an e‑mail to get in touch. 

Here you go.
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